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The Jellycat Toy Company has only been in business for about 10 years but they have already made a huge name for themselves in the stuffed animals market.  They have managed to produce a lovely range of plush animals and the early models are fast becoming prized collectables.  They are taking the lead in soft toy designs along side Lamaze while ensuring that their products meet or exceed UK and US safety and quality standards. You can the best rated lamaze toys at www.ultimategiftsforall.co.uk/c/Lamaze and check out their special offers.

Jellycat toys have very unique designs which has been contributed largely to the company’s success.  The toys are particularly soft and cuddly making them an instant hit with babies, toddlers, teens and even adults!

There are various collections including “urban” and “jungle” animals. Wild animal soft toys include monkeys and tigers while dogs, cats and even pigs are available too.  There are even friendly dinosaurs and dragons to complete your collection!

As you can tell, the Jellycat range of plus animals is really diverse and includes everything from domestic pets to mythological creatures.  The sizes vary from 10 to 15 inches in height and can reach as tall as 31 inches in the case of large monkeys and elephant designs.  No matter which animal you choose or its size, this is one soft toy made for snuggle time! Ultimate gifts for all have a diverse range of gift including Jellycat, Lamaze, Steiff and also you can browse many of Ultimate gifts for all’s photo frames uk on their website.



The Jellycat Toy Company continues to invest time and effort into coming up with large willow tree figures.  They mentioned that these designs are partially influenced by the current fashion trends and this helps them to add hundreds of new designs to their range each year.  This is substantiated by their wide use of various materials.

The company is also very serious about social responsibility and, by working closely with the top accounting firms in Manchester, they ensure appropriate and responsible working conditions for everyone involved in the manufacturing of these toys.  As consumers, we often expect this from all large companies.  However, having this statement from the company in writing gives the buyer added reassurance that no modern form of slave labour is being imposed on impoverished workers. If you want to browse a great range of Jellycat toys and you would like to treat your lady to a pair of jeans from nydj then visit Ultimate gifts for all.

If you are on the lookout for an extra special, super soft and cuddly plush animal for a young child, partner, spouse or loved one, do yourself a favour and have a look at Jellycat stockists.  These stuffed animals make the perfect gift and are sure to be cared for and cherished.